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Top forex obiettivi

top forex obiettivi

Canada - the Central Bank of Canada. Interest - is the payment for using the money borrowed as a loan. Break - rapid decline in price. Chartist - a trader who uses charts and technical analysis indicators as tools to forecast market price movements. Broker - an agent who implements investors orders to conduct currency selling/buying transactions. Borrowing - borrowing of foreign currency at interest for a certain period of time in the financial market. Cancel - traders order to cancel Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders.

Top forex obiettivi
top forex obiettivi

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Transaction Date - the date of currency transaction operation. Foreign Currency - is a currency of any foreign country which can be used as a medium of circulation in another country. Support Level - horizontal or inclined price level on the chart; upper limit of price fluctuation. Margin Call - a message from a broker to a trader saying that it is necessary to increase funds on marginal account. Tick - minimum one time change of a trading tool price, in the financial markets. Margin - is an insurance deposit which provides cover of possible losses of a marginal trade, and is used as a pledge. Technical Analysis - is a method of forecasting future price direction with the help of price charts examination. Double Bottom - a pattern of technical analysis indicating the situation when the rate goes down to a certain level twice and then goes. Investopedia knows the answer and provides a comprehensive dictionary of the key terms and trading vocabulary that will prepare you for your trading session.

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