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Bdswiss forex peace army

bdswiss forex peace army

all is complete, Id like to employ a more sophisticated software to compare the trades, one by one, to make sure none were added or omitted. This file appears to be intact. Almost all of the robot trades closed the same day as they were initiated. I also noted that there were several other complaints on this website, most about Investtech not refunding their money. I sent Jacob a request for my UN and. Investtech was unable to resolve the technical issues created by these upgrades. In 2010, I downloaded this from the website and showed a profit of about 10,0I paid taxes on that amount to our IRS, and I expected similar gains for 2011. Complaint #8: Investtech took back trading incentives which were given to encourage deposits and trades. He stated I could withdraw money in August 2011. Investtech gave me credits for wire transfer fee refunds and deposit bonuses, totaling 1,940, for a trading total credit of 27,340 (25,400 1,940).

I only had seven-to-ten open trades at that time (average is about eight on a daily basis with an equity of 35K-to-37K and a balance of 43K (43K minus the Floating P/L of approximately 8K). Unfortunately we are unable to close the positions for customers under any circumstances. Fapturbo is an automated trading robot that trades Forex pairs, according to proprietary settings. CFD - Contract for Difference, MetaTrader 4, january 23, 2017:  BDSwiss paid a 150,000 settlement to Cysec for legal violations.

On September 26th,2011, I received a detailed email from Lisa Marie Simard, Bilingual Lead Inquiries Officer, Ontario Securities Commission, who I later called and got more information on how to pursue Investtech. Equity is the number that reflects the actual balance (cash taking into account all open trades, profitable or not. One trade in the first group of trades was made on a Saturday (. The PDF file would not open. Complaint #7: Investtech shut down their website before addressing my issues. At the time my equity balance was about six times that amount. This was also sent to Investtech, this same date. (Thats all I could find, sorting all the trades by hand.) I estimated the loss of my legitimate eight trades to be about 7K-8K, so the difference of what I thought were my open (losing) trades and what Investtech closed is about 27Kpretty close. Investtech closed at least fifteen and probably up to more like eighteen trades trades that did not exist on my end; trades that apparently were artificially created and then closed by Investtech. I have never in my life experienced such knavery.

bdswiss forex peace army